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The Shul of New York
A Synagogue for Spiritual Judaism

A Moral Imperative
Towards Justice

The Shul of New York stands fully committed to the ideas and actions necessary to create an equitable playing field in all aspects of life for all people regardless of color, age, gender, orientation, or ability.  We are committed to the fight to end systemic oppression and the creation of a truly anti-racist society.

We believe there is but one species of human on this planet to which every person belongs. Discrimination against or oppression of another person based on biological sex characteristics, gender, sexual orientation, or outward appearance; such as hair or skin color, eye or nose shape, or degree of able-bodiedness must be fought in every way possible.

We acknowledge our country’s history of oppression and white supremacy as evidenced by the near genocide of indigenous American peoples; the 400-year history of the enslavement, torture, and murder of Black men, women, and children; and the subsequent decades of an enforced caste system of discrimination and economic disenfranchisement of people of color, the reverberations of which permeate every aspect of our lives.

We further acknowledge our  responsibility to dismantle oppression and white supremacy in ourselves and others.  In keeping with Jewish tradition, we feel that creating an anti-racist society is a deeply personal mission for the Shul community. 

We believe everyone has a right to the dignity of healthcare, of a living wage, of housing, and of a robust education; and most importantly the absolute right to be safe and secure in their physical person at all times.  

We recognize the necessity to understand people's overlapping identities and experiences, and how this intersectionality can be a multiplier of discrimination and oppression.  We strive to show everyone that we value and love them exactly the way they are.

We believe in the free exercise of religious belief, and in fighting discrimination both against and by religious organizations.  We believe everyone must be protected from theocracy, having another’s belief system forced upon them through the awesome weight of the law.  To allow discrimination against a disfavored belief (or a lack thereof) by those in power is immoral by definition.  

Therefore, The Shul of New York, in the Jewish tradition of having a responsibility to repair the world, tikkun olam, joins in the fight for racial and economic justice with the goal of societal transformation. 

We will work to center the voices and leadership of systemically oppressed people as we take an active and participatory role in the fight for racial justice.  We will join them in applying strategic pressure on institutions to change racist policies. We know that when we break the shackles of oppression that bind us all, we will all finally be free.

Interested in learning more?  Please see EmpOwer Racial Justice at the Shul.

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