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The Shul of New York
A Synagogue for Spiritual Judaism

Rabbi Susan Falk

Rabbi Susan Falk is a graduate of the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College, receiving the title of Rabbi and Master of Hebrew Letters, as well as the Evelyn R. Mehlman Jewish Music Award for her extensive research in Medieval and 19th-century Jewish choral music. She is an experienced chaplain and worked as the Director of Jewish Hospice at Jewish Family and Children’s Service in Philadelphia, and later served for 11 years as the rabbi of Congregation Kehilat Shalom in New Jersey.

Before rabbinical school, Rabbi Susan lived in New York City and worked for Women In Need as their Program Director of HIV/AIDS Education, developing and conducting staff trainings on HIV/AIDS and providing education and counseling to clients. It was during this time that she learned the program development, advocacy, and compassionate listening and counseling skills that have proven so useful to her as a rabbi.


Since returning to New York in 2018, Rabbi Susan has served as a cantorial soloist for West End Temple in Queens, as well as the Sabbatical Cantor for the Society for the Advancement of Judaism in Manhattan. She has also conducted Jewish meditation and chanting groups and adult education classes for several area synagogues. A passionate advocate for social and environmental justice, Rabbi Susan is a long-time member of the Rabbinic Chaverim of Truah: the Rabbinic Call for Human Rights and she serves on the HIAS Clergy Council. She has regularly participated in actions related to immigration, housing, healthcare, racial justice and other issues of civil rights. You can read about her 2019 trip to the US-Mexico border with fellow clergy here.

Rabbi Susan is an ongoing student with the Institute for Jewish Spirituality, and she maintains a mindfulness meditation practice. She continues to love and learn about all forms of Jewish music, from Klezmer to new liturgical compositions. She is thrilled to be the rabbi of the Shul of New York where a culture of openness to new forms of worship, music, and community-building presents endless opportunities for growth and learning – both for members and for herself.

In her spare time, Rabbi Susan is an avid birder, loves to cook and to travel, and is writing a book on Haftarot. She lives in Brooklyn with her partner, Elisabeth, and their sweet and beautiful cat, Ginger.

You may make a donation to the Rabbi's Discretionary Fund by clicking here.

Contact Rabbi Susan


Please do not send sensitive personal information to this email address.  If you wish to privately discuss sensitive personal matters with the Rabbi, please use Rabbi Susan's Voicemail, below. 

Rabbi Susan's Direct Voicemail:  929-273-1209  
Messages left for Rabbi Susan are forwarded directly her personal email bypassing the Shul’s Voicemail system. 

Shul Voicemail:  929-265-7485
Please do not send sensitive personal information to this voicemail. If you wish to privately discuss sensitive personal matters with the Rabbi, please use Rabbi Susan's direct phone number above. 

Rabbi Susan's Office Hours:

  • For weeks when Rabbi Susan leads Shabbat services:

Tuesday - Friday, and Sunday.

  • For weeks when Rabbi Susan does not lead Shabbat services:

Tuesday - Friday.

Adam Feder
Co-Spiritual Leader
Music Director

Adam Feder, the Shul's Co-Spiritual Leader, Music Director, and leader of The Shul Band, has been exploring and sharing Jewish liturgy with Rabbi Burt since 1997.  A guitarist, singer and composer since the age of 10,  Adam feels that music is about listening and connecting and The Shul Band is this expression.  His love of Jewish music has its roots in memories of his grandmother’s Yiddish melodies, her cooking and years of Passover Seder musical marathons, accompanying his father’s accordion. 

Along the way Adam has studied the Philosophy of Religion at Sarah Lawrence College, meditated at too many week-long retreats to be counted, grown and developed a network of inner-city community gardens in Yonkers NY, received an MSW from Hunter College School of Social Work and worked as a Hospice Social Worker for 5 years. 

Through the years, music and synagogue have been the common denominator.  “The Shul and music are places I return to over and over again to renew and to connect to my heart”.

Contact Adam


Please do not send sensitive personal information to this email address. 

Shul Voicemail:  929-265-7485
Please do not send sensitive personal information to this voicemail. 

Rabbi Burt Aaron Siegel
Rabbi Emeritus

Shul Founder

Rabbi Burt Aaron Siegel is the beloved founder and Rabbi Emeritus of The Shul of New York.  Since the Shul's founding, his spiritual leadership has drawn many to the Shul's life-affirming, love-affirming religious philosophy. Our approach to Judaism is to emphasize the spiritual teachings at the very center of our faith that can bring us closer to God, to experience and live more from the soul, to gain deeper insight into the inward knowing of spiritual truths and values that can guide our lives. 

Rabbi Burt truly believes that each person is a teacher, who can, by words and deeds, enhance the growing of others.  His strongly-held conviction that we can support one another as we strive to live by ethical values, and help to mold for the good the future of life on our planet, prompted him to create The Shul of New York, a community that is liberal, deeply spiritual in emphasis, inclusive, welcoming and open to innovation.

In his own words,

“At our synagogue, all who join us with an open heart are lovingly accepted. We’re here to open the doors wide so that we can serve the spiritual and religious needs of all who turn to us.  Joining our congregation is not complicated, especially because of our “no minimum dues” policy.  We’ve been a source of inspiration, consolation, healing, learning, friendship, joy, celebration and connection to so many people.  I’m proud that our interpretation of Jewish Tradition and our inspiring music have created a most welcoming, most inclusive community in which all people can be at home.”

A graduate of the University of Wisconsin, Rabbi Burt received his Rabbinic Ordination and the award for the highest academic standing, as well as a Masters Degree in Judaic Studies, from the Hebrew Union College Jewish Institute of Religion.  He has studied in Israel and holds the Jerusalem Certificate for excellence in Judaic Studies.  Rabbi Burt was also a Hebrew Union College faculty member.

Rabbi Burt began his Rabbinic Career at the Riverdale Temple, where he was a Rabbi for ten years. He continued his work as a Rabbi at The New Synagogue in New York and was Interim Rabbi at The Village Temple for one year.

In addition to his traditional Rabbinic activities, Rabbi Burt uses his expertise to counsel many different individuals and groups. He has led meditation, spiritual guidance and healing meditation groups, including weekly sessions at Gilda's Club, a support community for cancer patients.

Rabbi Burt is particularly renowned for the life cycle events he leads for members of our Shul community as well as for those who are not affiliated. Baby namings, interfaith, same-sex and same-faith weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvah ceremonies, conversions, funerals and memorial services are made more moving because of his warmth, openness and authenticity. 

Rabbi Burt also loves his work with the kids who come to The Shul of New York.  He has inspired children to see the beauty of our Jewish tradition and has provided guidance to The Shul School, Bar/Bat Mitzvah students and the Shul's family programs.  He has a profound interest in interfaith outreach and has delivered many talks on this subject in the United States and in India. 

Rabbi Burt is committed to doing all he can to inspire people to turn their hearts to bringing all religious, racial and ethnic groups together in loving harmony.  We are fortunate to have a Rabbi who leads us with enthusiasm, wisdom and a loving heart.

Fall 2015 Newsletter - A Tribute to Rabbi Burt

Contact Rabbi Burt

Please do not send sensitive personal information to this email address. 

Shul Voicemail:  929-265-7485

Please do not send sensitive personal information to this voicemail. 

Spiritual Leaders

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