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The Shul of New York
A Synagogue for Spiritual Judaism

Welcome to the Shul of New York

A Synagogue for Spiritual Judaism

The Shul of New York, a liberal non-denominational synagogue, is a welcoming, vibrant, spiritual, inclusive community committed to social justice, personal growth, and a joyful expression of Judaism. Our services, led by our Co-Spiritual Leaders, Rabbi Susan Falk and Adam Feder, are moving, inspirational, and uplifted by the music of our own Shul Band.

Our Mission Is....

To Create a Spiritual Space

Inspired by the vision of Rabbi Emeritus Burt Aaron Siegel, we encourage a spiritual way of life. We put into practice a living interpretation of the rich, spiritual teachings of Jewish tradition and values. We believe that the deepest meaning is found in aspiring to lead an honorable life. 

To Practice Inclusivity

Not Jewish? Not a problem. We welcome everyone from A to Z, from Atheists to Zoroastrians, to join us and to participate in services and events. We open our doors to all who wish to enter – regardless of financial means – and accept and welcome people of any background who choose to become part of our community -- our Shul Family. To that end, the Shul has no minimum membership dues. We ask only that you bring an open mind and heart.  (Although a couple of bucks now and then doesn't hurt.) 

To Celebrate Spirituality through Music

There is no truer path to the human soul than through music.  Our services are carried to new spiritual heights by our own Shul Band led by our Co-Spiritual Leader and Director of Music, Adam Feder.  We believe that music animates our joy and enthusiasm for life, deepens our observance, and uplifts our lives as a tangible expression of a joyous spirituality.  

To Work Towards a Just World

We are committed to doing our part to eliminate racial and religious injustice.  We educate ourselves, listen, partner with representative organizations, and actively participate in the fight for justice and equity.  Read the Shul's Racial Justice Statement.

The Shul of New York holds services and weekday programs virtually and in person. Please see the calendar for our schedule.
We are all volunteers.  Interested? 
Let us know.

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