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The Shul of New York
A Synagogue for Spiritual Judaism

Judging quantities:  Remember, the Oneg is just a nosh, not a meal!  We tend to average 10 to 20 people at services depending on the time of year, so keep that in mind when planning and add your invited guests to the total.

And if you can't do the shopping, you may make an Oneg donation to cover the cost of the food and drink and we will do the shopping.

Virtual Oneg for Zoom Shabbat Services

If the Friday night you prefer falls on a Zoom Shabbat, you can sponsor a Virtual Oneg. You get all the feelings of community and love without all the fuss and mess.  What a deal!


Sponsor an Oneg!

Our In-Person Shabbat Services on the 1st and 3rd Fridays end with an opportunity for people to socialize. Sponsoring the Oneg Shabbat is a lovely way to share with the community.


Any reason is a good reason to sponsor an Oneg! Perhaps you are marking a special event (a birth, baby-naming, engagement, wedding, anniversary, graduation, bar/bat mitzvah) or you want to remember a loved one in a special way, or celebrate a new job…or any reason.

Oneg Guidelines

Foods to consider:  Easily served finger foods such as:  cheese & crackers; hummus & pita; nuts; raw veggies; cookies; pretzels; chips; dried fruits; fresh fruits, almost anything really. For more information, contact us. Kosher food is not required.


NOTE: Unused food items are your responsibility to remove at the end of the evening.

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