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The Shul of New York
A Synagogue for Spiritual Judaism

A Caring Compassionate Community:

Bikkur Cholim at The Shul of New York

Bikkur Cholim means “visiting the sick,” but in practice it is so much more.

The Shul of New York is more than a Shul, more than a community; we are a Family.  The Shul's Bikkur Cholim initiative will provide support to individuals and their families in several ways.

Bikkur Cholim volunteers:

  • Visit patients in local hospitals and nursing facilities.

  • Visit people who are homebound.

  • Make ‘check-in’ phone calls to people.

  • Deliver home-cooked or ordered meals to homebound individuals.

  • Provide Shiva support .

Are you in need of Bikkur Cholim services for yourself or a family member?

To request Bikkur Cholim support services for yourself or your family, please click the button below.

If your situation requires confidentiality, or if you prefer to speak to a rabbi first, please email Rabbi Susan or call 929-273-1209.

We need you!  Bikkur Cholim is a high mitzvah but can only exist at the Shul through the good work of community volunteers.

Can you find time in your schedule to:

  • Make a home visit to a person who is sick or elderly?

  • Make a hospital visit to a patient?

  • Make a call to check on a person from time to time?

  • Prepare, order or deliver a meal to a homebound person?

  • Be available to make shiva calls?


If your answer is YES, please check the volunteer box on the form, and a Bikkur Cholim team member will contact you.  Click the button below to access the form.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay.

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