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The Shul of New York
A Synagogue for Spiritual Judaism

Shul Justice Project

The Shul is taking an active role as a community in promoting causes and issues that are of importance to our community, to the health of our democracy, and to our planet.

On our website, through email, and on Facebook we will make it easy for you to take concrete actions concerning the critical issues of our time.

The Shul Tree of Love

Memorialize or celebrate a loved one or life event with a Leaf on the Tree of Love.

Tree measurers over 3' by 3'

Please donate to humanitarian aid for victims of the Israel-Gaza war.

NovaHelp - Mental Support for Nova Survivors


Desert Stars

World Central Kitchen

Doctors Without Borders


Welcome to

The Shul of New York

The Shul of New York, a liberal non-denominational synagogue, is a welcoming, vibrant, spiritual, inclusive community committed to social justice, personal growth, and a joyful expression of Judaism. Our services, led by our Co-Spiritual Leaders, Rabbi Susan Falk and Adam Feder, are moving, inspirational, and uplifted by the music of our own Shul Band.

Can The Shul of New York

Count on You?

Will you be a

Best Shul Friend Forever?

Best Shul Friend Forever is someone who can be counted on in good times, and (like now) when times are tough.

The serious fiscal damage caused by the pandemic now threatens the Shul’s very existence.

How can you help?

By giving an EXTRA, tax-deductible donation now AND giving again at the High Holidays.

Or by going all-in and joining the Shul Benefactor Program.

Shabbat Services

Fridays @ 6:30pm

Join us for a joyful Shabbat service In-Person at First Presbyterian Church, 12 W 12 St, on the 1st and 3rd Fridays, and on Zoom many Fridays, led by our Co-Spiritual Leaders, Rabbi Susan Falk and Adam Feder, and with the Shul Band.

Register for Shabbat Services on Zoom


Shabbat Service schedule subject to change.
Please see the calendar for our Shabbat schedule.

Oneg Shabbat

Our In-Person Shabbat Services are followed by an Oneg.  Sponsoring an Oneg provides the opportunity to honor someone, acknowledge an important life event, or memorialize a loved one during our weekly Shabbat Services. 

Please Note:  Shmoozing and noshing are required at all Onegs.  Click below to sponsor an Oneg.

The Shvitz Dance Party

Sundays @ 11am

Join your Shul DJ Adam Feder, Shul Co-Spiritual Leader and Music Director, and Co-Resident DJ Marni Goldman to start the week with music and a shvitz!  

Register for Shvitz Dance Party

Please see the calendar for schedule.

Cooking with Karen

Monthly @ 7pm

Learn to make something delicious (and vegetarian) with devoted amateur cook and Shul Co-President, Karen Seidman, in the Shul's Zoom cooking class.


Karen cooks with you on Tuesday evenings.

Please see the calendar for schedule.

Writers Workshop

Mondays @ 7:30pm

A Shul writing group, led by Board member, Patti Ivry, for those who love to write, those who long to write, and those who've never tried it before.  We meet weekly on Zoom to discuss our writing, and offer support and constructive feedback.  This group is currently full. 

Virtual Film Society

Tuesdays @ 5pm

Join Board Member and the Shul's resident film expert, Josh Cabat, to watch and then meet on Zoom to discuss every genre of film from Hitchcock to musicals, from the French New Wave to the Mexican New Wave and every new wave in between. 
Register for VFS

This group does not meet every week. 
Please see the calendar for the next session.

Special Events

The Shul holds a wide range of events from fundraisers to discussions; from talks with authors to concerts; from game nights to movie nights, and much more. 

We take our role of fostering community seriously but with a large dose of fun! 

Watch this space and check the calendar for our current special events.

Shul Events

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