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The Shul of New York
A Synagogue for Spiritual Judaism

Can The Shul of New York

Count on You?

Will you be a

A Best Shul Friend Forever is someone who can be counted on in good times, and (like now) when times are tough.


  • To grow our congregation in numbers and diversity.

  • To hold even more services and programs at our spiritual home, the Angel Orensanz Foundation.

  • To support just causes with the Shul Justice Project.

  • To ensure that the Shul will be here for many years to come.


Why now?


  • The serious fiscal damage caused by the pandemic now threatens the Shul’s very existence.

  • If it’s not now, next year may be too late.



There are 2 ways:

  • By giving an EXTRA, tax-deductible donation now AND giving again at the High Holidays.

  • By going all-in and joining the Shul Benefactor Program. (See Donation Form.)

Help us to secure the future of The Shul of New York!
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